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Strathpuffer 09

Well it’s been a year since anyone wrote on this site, so I guess it’s time to do something.

Today I’ll draw your attention to Dave’s superb 2nd place at this weekend’s Strathpuffer 24 hour race up in cold cold windy Scotland.  26 laps, only 40mins or so behind Shaggy John who finished with 27 laps to take the win.

I’ll steal Dave’s race-report when he’s back at work, and able to waste office hours typing up a lengthy story of the weekend.

That’s all, maybe I’ll write more things this year.

1 comment January 19th, 2009

Everyone Else Loses

Another Leisure Lakes Series race, and another win for Dave… whoopie!

I’m starting to feel sorry for the other racers now, they probably think they have a chance all week leading up to the race, then Dave comes along on his giant’s bike and crushes them like bugs. He need to start feigning mechanicals just to give them a little hope…THEN crush them like bugs (it’s always good to crush things like bugs, including bugs).

Here’s a little report from Dave, you might need to bend your brain so it makes sense, I think he was trying to say “Bike good, go fast, win race, raaar I am giant bike rider I crush people like bugs”

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It’s A Scandal

Dave’s race bike until the other race bike arrives.

on-one scandAL image 1XT Bits and Bobs.

on-one scandAL image 1Glamour Shot.

on-one scandAL image 1Grippy Geax Rubber.

on-one scandAL image 1Dave likes The Simpsons.

1 comment January 18th, 2007

Leisure Lakes Race – 10th Dec 2006

Yesterday’s leisure lakes race was won (by me) mostly on the choice of tyres.
Well, i say “choice”, the choice was made several months back when I fitted the Fire Mud Pro’s to my spare wheels and then left said spare wheels buried under a pile of rags in the kitchen. When I came to fit the wheels on saturday (as the “race” wheels needed more cleaning) I couldn’t be arsed to swop the tyres for anything else.

Anyway, the course was possibly the muddiest i have ever seen it and after following rich and steve round a practice lap, watching them both struggle for grip far more than me, i realised that i had unwittingly given myself a nice advantage. Not that the tyres stopped the bike squirming like an oiled eel in a butter factory, but i seemed to be getting round more corners than anyone else.
This proved to be true in the race itself, where I had an awful lot of fun wrestling the bike round the stodgy, slippery singletrack for several laps… possibly too much fun considering how tough it actually was, and managed to ride away from everyone else (or “corner” away from everyone else, more accurately). Hurrah!

For the more geeky among you, I raced for 53mins 12secs at an average heart rate of 189bpm (max 196bpm), over a distance of 11.7 miles. which sounds rubbish, but it really really was that muddy.

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Dave’s New Ride (when it arrives on the slowboat from China)

This is fast becoming a blog about Dave, so today we’ll call him Harold, Like Harold Bishop, but without the big belly (although I know he wants one).

The point of this post is to introduce the Cabal, Harold’s race bike for Two Thousand Seven, It’s pretty ugly in these pictures, but I’m sure it’s better in real life.. maybe, who knows, I guess we’ll find out in the next couple of months.

On-One Cabal

Read what Dave’s said about this new frame.

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Racer Dave.

It looks like dave’s stepping it up for ’07, having secured a bike and lights from the Shed based micro-brand on-one, Dave will be riding one of the new ScandAl with rigid carbon fork at a number of races across the country… including:

  • SSMM 24hr 07, solo
  • CLIC 24hr 07, solo
  • SITS 24hr 07, solo
  • Bontrager 24/12 24hr 07, solo
  • Enduro 6+ 07, solo
  • and I’m working out how i can get to Strathpuffer 24hr 07 as well
  • Some of the Merida 100k races
  • 3 Peaks cyclocross (this was Brant’s idea, and sounds “fun” and different)
  • Leisure Lakes Winter and Summer Series
  • and anything else Dave or Brant can think of that sounds good


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Dave 6th!

Dave managed a superb 21 laps and 6th Place at SITS last weekend.  As it becoming tradition, the race started in dusty conditions and ended in a mudfest on the Sunday, making the race hard going and seeing a lot of people dropping out… but not our Dave (with the help of Steve cleaning pounds of mud off his bike every few laps)

Well done Dave: results here

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Dave’s Training.

Shhh! don’t tell the opposition, but he’re Dave’s training plan for the next few weeks.

“I’ve changed my training plan slightly and done away with a rest week i was supposed to be having on the week starting 29/5, in favour of keeping up the big weeks and having a 2 week taper

so i’m now doing:
15.5hrs this week
20 hard next week
20 medium the week after (instead of rest)
20 medium the week after
14 easy for the first taper week
1 for the week after (ie race week)

going to eek every last bit of strength i can…”

I’m only really putting this up so in a few year’s time we can stumble across this information and see how much we rode bikes n stuff.

Enjoy the Rain, Dave, looks like a lovely time to be riding a bike over the next 10 days.

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That’s the warm up done.

Well done to DSP rider, TwinklyDave on his great 3rd place in the CLIC24 (not a race) race this weekend. 21 laps is a fair old way for your first 24 hour race, 2 more laps and he’d have been joint first.

It’s a damn good warm up to the main 24 hour race in 6 week’s time (or 72 hours of training, for in DaveTime) and a lot of lessons have been learnt.

Any news on Guy?
(Steve did 10 laps in his duo team, I’ve heard, which means Dave’s 2x better!)

7 comments May 16th, 2006

Dum dum dumdum*

Dave’s and Rich’s first proper “race” of the year is r than THREE DAYS AWAY, now.

CLIC 2006, the second solo event of the year (the first is the midwinter Strathpuffer 24), weather predictions seem to be falling onto the ‘wet’ side of nice, but as with this time of year, everything could change in the next few days.

I don’t really class 24 hour events as races, they’re more about survival than racing, especially if you’re a solo rider, it’s obviously different for teams. Having been updated on Dave’s training plans thoughout the winter months, I am faily confident that he’s as prepared as he can be for riding for A FULL DAY starting at lunchtime on Saturday.

I’ll be prodding dave for a full account of his adventure as soon as he’s able to summon up the energy to type after the weekend.

Good Luck Dave (and Rich.. and Guy?).

* Rocky theme

4 comments May 10th, 2006

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